Don't explain it... Show it!

Sell your real estate project with A.R.T. ™

Set your location

We can integrate your location regardless of where you are in the world.

Immediate surrounding

How do you want the block around your project to look? Photorealistic, schematic, volumetric or no surroundings.

Faraway horizon

We can integrate a realistic simulation of the buildings, landmarks, natural elements and more, as far as the eye can see.

Day, night & weather conditions

Sunrise to sunset and even a night view is possible in your simulation.

Showcase your property

Integrating your project's architecture.

Overview of detailed architecture

Your building is the star of the show! We will make sure it shines in the skyline.

Focus on your amenities

Help your buyers understand all the common areas they will have access to.

Explore interior spaces

Present entire units or just the kitchens and bathrooms, whatever your project requires.

Personalize your platform

Choose the sales features and components for your interface.

Define your sales features

This is where the magic happens and your project becomes interactive. We create a simple user interface so you can interact with the sun, surroundings and so much more...

Branded interface

Your brand and fonts come to life in the platform.

Adaptive user experience

Multitouch & multi-user experiences that can be adapted to remote presentations and online solutions.

Manage your content

Keep your information up to date!

Online content management system

Connect to our backend platform to manage all technical information (pricing, availability etc.) presented in your application.

3rd party API connection

Feed data live from your existing CRM or ERP.

Share unit plans with buyers

Email them directly from the system and see the details in your CRM for follow up.