How to Record a Game on Your Computer

You must be a crazy fan of computer games if you are reading this, right? You want to record your gameplay and share it on YouTube, Google+ or twitter to your friends, you would need a good and easy-use screen recorder, and here comes the best solution to your problem: Game Recorder SmartPixel! The application is neither too advanced to make the software “user-unfriendly”, nor it is too basic that you will have to need another software to edit what you record. Many of the game recorders may doing well, but they just need so many spaces to keep your video. SmartPixel solves these problems, with proper size of the output video, you may fall in love with it once you meet it. And this article is about to teach you how to record a game on your computer.

Download and install the application

If you haven’t install SmartPixel yet, download it for FREE and without registration! Save the smartpixel_setup.exe file on your hard drive, run the application and follow as the what Wizard suggested you. After the installation, now it’s time to run the application!

Check out the program's settings

Run the application, click the “Recorder” in the middle, then,find the gear as “Settings”, and click on it.

Now the Settings panel is in front of you, you can tweak the following configurations:

  • Sound. If you want to record the sound from your game, (or whatever comes from your speaker, click on the box in the “Speaker” tab. And if you want to add your voice comments (of course you need to own a microphone), click on the “Mic” tab. Found the sound of mic too weak? Select the “Mic enhance” button.
  • Frame Quality. Since every computer has different hardware configuration, SmartPixel provides different frame quality. Find the “Size” option in the Record panel, chose your record size from 360P to 1080P. And “FPS” to chose the FPS best suits you from 15FPS and over. You can even select different brightness when you recording your video! And if you want your mouse cursor showed and visible, remember to click on the “Mouse cursor”. Showing cursor helps a lot if you’re recording a video guide or tutorial, and it’s a little bit annoying when you recording gameplay. So chose as you need.
  • Hotkeys. Hotkeys like Record/Pause, Stop/Save definitely help recording your video in an easier way. Also, you can set hotkeys like open SmartPixel, abort recording, mark exciting moments, and of course, screenshot during the recording. Hope you enjoy using it! And if you want to be notified when you click a hotkey, tick out the “Hotkey sound”.
  • Save to. You don’t know where is your recording videos? Set the output folder in this section. Chose an easy remember path, and all your videos you record afterwards are all there! If you want SmartPixel starts up at boot, click on “Auto Start”.

Press “Apply” to save the settings, “Cancel” to undo the the changes.

Get ready to record a game on your computer

When everything is set up, launch the game you want to record, then click the red dot,the one in the left bottom of the main window, to begin recording.

If you aren’t play the game full screen and only want to record part of your screen, click the “Area Mode” on the left top, then a red box appears, toggle the margin to cover the area you want to record, release and it’s set.

Or If you want to record your game video in full screen, click the button on top left, and you can record whatever you can see on your screen.

Maybe you want to make your audiences to know more about you by showing your face in the gameplay video, PIP(Picture-in-Picture) is the mode you’re looking for.

When you are recording your game video full-screen, the main window of SmartPixel may cover some important information on your screen. Want this to be solved? You can just minimize the main window, it will keep running in the background, but sometimes you don’t remember your hotkey, when you want to take some action.This is how we solve the problem: “Mini UI”. The “Mini UI” is on the right bottom, click it and the main window will turn itself to a toolbar.

When finish those preparations, it’s time to rock the city!

Start recording a game on your computer

The “Record” icon (the red dot) is located in the left bottom of SmartPixel’s main window, click on it (or press the hotkey you set to begin recording earlier) to start your game recording! The application will begin recording immediately. You can still run other applications when you start your recording, enjoy it!

If something happened and you want the game recording to be paused, click the “Pause” bottom (or the hotkey you’ve set) to stop the recording temporary. Click it again to resume the recording from where it stops.

When you finish your game recording, press the “Stop” icon to save your game video. When you see the following, it means your video is created. Then you can choose to edit it or to record another video.

Click “Edit” to run the editor and you can see all the videos you recorded showed by their thumbnails.

If you want to delete your game video, just move your mouse there, and you will see a trash bin, click it to delete the video:

If you want to delete more than a single game video, click the thumbnail of the video to select it, and click the “Delete” button below:

You don’t like your game videos and want them all deleted? Click the “Select all” and “Delete” in order, and all your videos will be deleted.

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