Used by up to 2,074,539 gamers, Smartpixel is one of the best and free screen recorder & video editor software for all mobile & PC game. Smartpixel can capture everything on your computer screen or phone screen. With original “picture-in-picture”, rich video editing effect and easy one-click sharing, Smartpixel helps YouTube gamers easily capture, edit, upload and share HD quality game videos to YouTube channel or other socail networks.


CamStudio is a compact little program with some nice features tucked away to maximize its allure. Installation is a breeze. However, when you launch CamStudio, a private product upgrade is offered that has not been verified by SourceForge. You’ll have to decide if you want to take a chance on CamStudio’s private upgrade or not. And it outputs only to AVI with a conversion to Flash.

Product Name Smartpixel CamStudio
Latest stable version 4.0(windows,android) 2.7 r316
Latest release date Android - 2016/01/29

PC - 2015/10/13
(keep updating)
OS Windows,Android Windows

Specifies whether the product supports recording audio commentary on the video

Scrolling Capture

Specifies whether the product supports recording from video games and software that employ OpenGL to render digital image


Specifies whether the product supports recording from video games or software that employ DirectX (particularly Direct 3D) to render digital image

Digital Editing

Specifies whether the product supports editing recorded video at least to some small extent, such as cropping, trimming or splitting.This is useful if you are creating step-by-step instructions on how to perform a specific task.


Specifies the file format in which the software saves the final video (non-video output types are omitted

MP4, avi, wmv, flv, 3gp and other general formats AVI, SWF
Special Effects

You can add special effect features, such as fade-outs and page tears.

Social Media

You can upload your videos and images to social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Photobucket, allowing you to connect with your followers at the push of a button.,Twitter,Facebook,Youtube
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Smartpixel screen recorder & video editor review

  • Hand Drawing

    New function of animation hand drawing, support many kinds of brushes, graffito, highlighters, just draw it freely!

  • Multi-Format Exporting

    Exporting all kinds of video format, and support in exporting GIF animation, get the cool signature easily!

  • Dynamic Albums

    Coherent playing of many photos with elegant text special effect and songful music, ideas make your photos wonderful!

  • Dynamic Text Special Effect

    Rich dynamic text special effect and dialogue special effect make your video more vivid.

  • Advanced Subtitle

    Elegant text and gorgeous advanced subtitle make your videos cooler.

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