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Memorable interactive sales presentations

Focusing primarily on real estate, SmartPixel provides cutting edge, interactive experiences, enabling companies to present, communicate and sell in a more effective manner.


Buyers cannot believe their eyes! We want them to fall in love with your project and all of its attractions.


Seamlessly convey personalized information that buyers want and need to make the right decision.


Effortlessly address all their questions, eliminate uncertainties and allow them to visualize their future in your project.

A.R.T. Advanced Reality Tool

A.R.T. Advanced Reality Tool is the most powerful presentation and sales platform, based on real time data, to help visualize 3D content, technical information and future projects. Developed by SmartPixel, this Unity-based solution is so versatile that it permits companies from diverse industries to better present, communicate and sell their offerings.

Real Estate

This is what we are known for around the world! Our team is the leader in the development of wow, memorable and innovative presentations for Real Estate sales teams

A.R.T. ™ For Real Estate

Other industries

We bring greater clarity to your team's presentations with vivid, realistic, 3D simulations. Other Industries have benefited from our innovative platform and have stood out above their competitors

A.R.T. ™ For Other Industries

The way to show

SmartPixel offers more than software! We offer complete, turnkey solutions including audiovisual equipment such as large format touchscreens, kiosks, videowalls and much more. Each screen will blend in perfectly with your brand and showroom and will be inviting to buyers. Peace of mind is our mantra! As your partner, you will benefit from a state of the art platform, outstanding customer support and a truly dedicated team. Need to go beyond the showroom, we have you covered. Our online streaming platforms offer equally amazing graphic quality, versatility and endless customer reach.

Showroom experiences

Our turnkey solutions include the design, delivery and maintenance of audiovisual equipment in showrooms, creating immersive, impressive and memorable interactive experiences.

Showroom Experience

Interact on the go!

SmartPixel offers streaming solutions that permit you to go beyond the showroom. Present to buyers regardless of where they are in the world and where you are located.



Clients using A.R.T. worldwide


Residential units sold using A.R.T.


Senior programmers & designers

Our success stories

Discover how companies around the globe use SmartPixel to change the way they sell and build stronger relationships with their customers.

Cogir Humaniti

“If the sales team doesn't have the right tools… It costs the developers more money. A tool like SmartPixel definitely contributes to the speed of sales…"

Joseph Valentino, Head of Sales

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Concert Properties

“The app offers a really good first impression.... All the potential questions are answered with the app… All of the information, in one application.”

Cherry Lam, Project Marketing Manager

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ABB Power Grids

“SmartPixel helped us portray our product offerings in such a great manner across the world, it was a game changer in our industry.”

Jason Galarneau, Business Development Manager

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Concert Properties
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