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Discover SmartPixel™ ART, the cutting-edge Advanced Reality Tool revolutionizing real estate sales. Elevate your listings with our interactive 3D experiences, customizable virtual tours, and the latest visualization technology. Stand out in the market with ART by SmartPixel™, leading the way for the future of property sales and digital marketing.

Interactive 3D Model

Present your architecture from all angles.

Users can rotate 360 degrees around your project, granting them a comprehensive view of the architecture and highlighting key aspects of the property from every angle.

Finish Selector

Allow home buyers to design their future space.

Our tools allow users to customize and design their future homes, from selecting specific furniture to choosing interior finishes. We enable buyers to tailor their living spaces to their unique preferences and lifestyle needs.

Powerful Sales Engine

Filter your inventory and compare unit plans.

By connecting to a CRM, the SmartPixel™ application enables home buyers to find units that match their criteria, compare, and share their preferred floorplans.

Dynamic Lighting

Lights and shadows come to life with your project.

Users can change the sun's position in the sky, allowing them to understand how bright specific areas of your project will be.

Photorealistic Rendering

Highend graphics and materials for a real immersive experience.

We utilize cutting-edge gaming tech, enhancing immersion with photorealistic visuals, enabling users to explore your project through an immersive experience.

3D Sales Applications: Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Learn about the success stories of developers and brokers who have trusted SmartPixel™ and utilized our interactive 3D sales applications for their real estate developments.

Why SmartPixel™
We have chosen to utilize SmartPixel's Advanced Reality Tool, which we believe is the best system on the market, to effectively showcase the unique offerings of our project.
Was a huge support in presenting the project to customers in 3D, which is a very big contributor to the success of selling a unit. It facilitates the sales process.
With SmartPixel, we were able to deliver our vision to all our tenants, allowing them to experience their space before making a commitment.
Founding year

Our mission has never changed, we help companies communicate more efficiently.

Units on the market

Selling and leasing units has never been easier before.

Projects globally

The most popular and efficient sales solution for real estate.

3D Interactive applications
Sales and marketing solutions
Memorable and engaging experiences
Master-planned communities
Low, mid and high rise properties
Mixed-use developments
Reliable and robust solutions
State of the art experiences
User friendly and interactive applications

Next Generation, Cutting-Edge, State-of-the-Art Graphics

SmartPixel™ develops its own technologies tailored specifically for presenting and selling real estate, offering state-of-the-art and next-generation graphic quality, allowing for dynamic and interactive environments.

Complete Customer Journey

Home buyers can experience your project at home, in your sales gallery, and on the road.

Customer Experience

Add Value

Adjust the value of your property based on user analytics.


Impress your audience with state-of-the-art experiences.


Streamlining the sales process for immediate results.

Track User Behaviors
Boost Property Sales Efficiency
Increase Investment Attractiveness
Next-Gen Graphics
Intuitive and User Friendly
Fluid and Dynamic Interactions
Instant Lead Capture Integration
Seamless CRM Connectivity
Real-Time Tollow-Up

Streamline 3D Property Searches

Enhance your projects with our 3D real estate tool. Features include an intuitive interface for easy unit searches and filters, customizable to your project's unique traits. Real-time inventory integration ensures updated listings, optimizing the buying experience and boosting sales efficiency.

Streamline searches with intuitive user interface

For developers, offering an intuitive search experience is key. Our 3D interface is designed to help your clients effortlessly explore and visualize properties. By prioritizing user-friendly navigation, we ensure home buyers can easily find their dream property in your development project.

Developer-focused custom filters

Customize how your properties are discovered with our tailored filtering options. Designed for developers, our tool allows you to highlight the features most important to your projects and clients. From amenities to floor plans, make your properties stand out to potential buyers.

Real-time inventory integration

Ensure your listings are always current with our real-time inventory connectivity. Property developers can benefit from a seamless link between our 3D tool and their inventory systems, providing home buyers with up-to-date information and streamlining the sales process.

Showcase your Architecture with Precision

Bring your architectural visions to life with our cutting-edge 3D visualization tool. Designed for unparalleled precision, it offers complete property navigation, infinite high-definition content creation, and dynamic lighting analysis. Elevate your project's presentation and captivate your audience with detailed architectural representations.

Navigate and understand every corner

Dive deep into your project with our tool's complete navigation capabilities. Offer prospective buyers a virtual journey through the property, providing a comprehensive understanding of the architectural layout and design nuances, enhancing their connection to the space.

Create limitless 4K marketing assets

Generate endless high-definition marketing materials directly from our application. Capture stunning images and produce engaging videos that highlight the architectural beauty of your project, ensuring your promotional content stands out in a crowded market.

Analyze dynamic lighting effects

Utilize our dynamic lighting feature to demonstrate the impact of natural light and shadows on your project throughout the day. This powerful visualization aids in illustrating how different spaces are illuminated, adding another layer of depth to your architectural presentation.

Visualize Surroundings with Advanced 3D Mapping

Unlock the potential of your real estate projects with our 3D mapping tool, designed to vividly represent the surrounding environment. Highlight points of interest, and showcase walking, biking, and driving distances, all within a visually rich interface tailored to match your branding. Elevate your project's appeal by focusing on strategic environmental details that encourage purchase decisions.

Detailed points of interest mapping

Highlight the vibrancy of your project's neighborhood with detailed Points of Interest (POI) mappings. From schools to shopping centers, our tool brings the surrounding community to life, directly within your project's presentation, making it easier for buyers to visualize their future lifestyle.

Dynamic distance visualization

Empower buyers with interactive maps showcasing walking, biking, and driving distances from your project to key landmarks. This feature helps prospects understand the convenience of your location, enhancing the attractiveness of your development.

Customizable graphical detail levels

Tailor the graphical detail of your project's 3D environment to align with your marketing strategy. Whether you want to highlight the lush greenery of a park or the architectural elegance of nearby landmarks, our tool adjusts to emphasize the features most important to your brand and buyers.

Real Estate Developments Utilizing 3D Interactive Sales Applications

Discover featured projects using our interactive 3D sales application, the Advanced Reality Tool.

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Mori Building Co., Ltd
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Tokyo, Japan
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More Real Estate Testimonials from Valuable Clients

SmartPixel™ has delivered numerous 3D interactive sales experiences for real estate developments worldwide. Here are a few more words from clients who have used the Advanced Reality Tool.

The sales team has been very happy; they find it highly informative and useful for clients, and have been using it on a daily basis.
The more interactive an experience is, the more buyers want to engage with it, making them more comfortable in their decision-making process.

Residential Developments

For home buyers and rentals.

The Advanced Reality Tool by SmartPixel™ enables home buyers and families to preview their future home and understand the particularities of your project.

Commercial Properties

Retail and Commercial Centers.

You can showcase commercial spaces in real-time 3D, allowing future tenants to understand how the space you are building will accommodate their needs and make their customers at ease.

Office Spaces

Use SmartPixel™ to showcase your office space.

Building a new office? We can help you present various layouts and arrangements to help your tenants understand how they can organize their future working environment.

The Best Interactive 3D Sales Tool for Real Estate

Being a pioneer in crafting interactive 3D sales applications for real estate, the Advanced Reality Tool by SmartPixel™ outperforms the competition.

Next gen graphics
Basic graphics
Accurate architecture
Accurate vegetation
Accurate lighting
Fluid day time cycle
Time stamps
Smooth 60 FPS
30 FPS
Property sales & rentals
Only sales
Project analytics

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