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Engaging and Interactive 3D Presentations for Business

SmartPixel™ revolutionizes client engagement for businesses, offering innovative and interactive digital experiences that captivate and communicate. Our cutting-edge solutions transform the way companies connect with their audience, setting new standards for digital interaction.

Success Stories of Companies Using Real-Time 3D

Discover how businesses have transformed their customer engagement and communication strategies with SmartPixel™. These success stories showcase organizations leveraging cutting-edge 3D visualization technologies to create immersive and interactive digital environments for their audience.

Everybody that walks into our showroom is very impressed with the visual quality of our interactive presentation, displayed on a multitouch video wall. That is what led us to choose SmartPixel.
I would recommend SmartPixel to whoever is looking for a great front-facing graphic representation of their products and their company.

Digital Twins and Other Business Solution Highlights

Discover a few examples of how SmartPixel™ empowers companies through interactive, real-time 3D experiences, enhancing customer engagement, streamlining project visualization, and driving innovative marketing strategies.

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Comcast Digital Twin

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Baltimore, USA
Digital Twin
Presentation Center
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ABB Power Grids

By :
In :
Montréal, Canada
Presentation Center
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Desjardins Portfolio

By :
In :
Montréal, Canada
Presentation Center
Portfolio catalogue
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A Journey Through Tech and Customer Engagement

Elevate your customer journey to unprecedented heights by integrating state-of-the-art, high-definition digital installations in your showroom and presentation centers. These interactive experiences not only captivate but also deeply engage your audience, transforming their visit into a memorable, immersive journey.

Customer Experience

Engaging Presentations

Tell your story through an interactive experience to onboard your audience.

Monitoring & Management

Applying technologies to enhance your company's productivity and efficiency.

3D Product Portfolio

User-friendly, interactive, and dynamic catalogs.

Dynamic Presentations
Interactive Simulations
Digital Twins
Asset Management
Live Monitoring
3D Product Portfolio
2D Browsing Catalogs
Interactive Browsing Experience

Visual Marketing Content

Generated live from your application

Our 3D Real Estate solution allows your broker to turn around your future property and present it under any angle. This is a great solution to fully showcase your architecture.

Enhanced Customer Engagement and Interaction

Real-time 3D experiences captivate audiences, enhancing product visualization and engagement, driving higher interaction rates.

3D Experiences boost engagement

Real-time 3D experiences transform passive viewers into active participants. By allowing customers to explore, customize, and interact with products in a 3D space, companies can significantly increase engagement levels. This interactive dimension adds depth to the customer's exploration process, making it more immersive and memorable.

Enhanced engagement not only increases the time spent with the product but also improves the overall customer experience, leading to higher satisfaction and conversion rates.

Accurate Representation and Customization

Facilitate informed decisions with interactive 3D visuals, allowing clients to explore products in detail before purchase.

Comprehensive 3D product visualization

One of the most compelling features of real-time 3D technology is its ability to provide accurate and detailed representations of products. Customers can see realistic textures, colors, and functionalities, which helps in setting the right expectations. Moreover, real-time customization options allow customers to modify aspects of the product (like color, components, or features) and see those changes instantly.

This accuracy and flexibility in customization help in significantly reducing decision-making time and can lower return rates by ensuring customers know exactly what they're purchasing.

Competitive Advantage and Brand Recognition

Stand out in your market with unique 3D showcases, offering a cutting-edge visual experience that sets your brand apart.

Innovative branding with 3D tech

Utilizing real-time 3D experiences positions a company as a forward-thinking, innovative brand. It differentiates the company in a crowded market, where traditional static images or videos might not suffice to capture the consumers' attention fully.

This technological edge can enhance the brand's perception, attracting more customers and retaining them through cutting-edge presentation techniques. It signals to the market that the company is committed to offering the best shopping experience, leveraging the latest in digital visualization technology.

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