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Take advantage of A.R.T. ™ to simplify and clarify your presentations.

A.R.T. for other industries

SmartPixel has developed the most powerful presentation platform, known as Advanced Reality Tool A.R.T.. Using real time 3D technologies, users are able to visualize and interact with complex information in order to clarify and simplify, thereby making it easier to understand. This fits perfectly in various industries such as engineering, aerospace, manufacturing and so many more.

Great examples for you to see

Dozens of A.R.T. presentations crafted and integrated for various industries worldwide. See below a few selected projects, and explore them all in our Portfolio section.

ABB Power Grids

• Comprehensive presentation

• Evolving application

• Used as sales & training tool

• Limitless presentation opportunities


• Interactive city maps

• Digital twin city

• Easy accessible documents

• American-wide presentations

Machines Talk digital twin

• Interactive digital twin

• Real time reflection of city activity

• Integrated with city’s systems

• Muliti-lingual platform

Realistic simulations TEST

Animate the complex processes, details and functionalities that your company offers.

Centralize information

A central location for all documents, photos, videos and more that can be shared with clients.

User friendly interactions

Presenters and buyers can interact easily to better understand.

Engaging communications lead to closing

A.R.T. for your industry, with your integrated data into, helps you achieve and surpass your sales goals.

Stand out above the competition

Start your presentation with a real difference.

Next level presentations

Buyers will not expect to be immersed and you will leave them with a lasting impression.

Personalized client presentations

Show buyers only what they want and need to see, make it a personal tour.

Present anywhere, anytime

Whether it is for a client presentation, trade show or to present a project for approval, SmartPixel develops the right presentation to generate absolute clarity and understanding.

Demystify your value proposition

Presentations that go from complex to clear.

Everything becomes crystal clear

Whether it is for a client presentation, trade show or to present a project for approval, SmartPixel develops the right presentation to generate absolute clarity and understanding.

Interactive animations

Presenters and buyers can dive deep to explore even the finest details.

True to life environments

So real, buyers feel like they are really there.

Engage customers

A.R.T. leads to closing sales.

Clients registration

Gather your buyer's information for future easy follow up.

Share technical data sheets

Email them directly from the platform and see the details in your CRM for follow up.

3rd party API connection

Feed data live from your existing CRM or ERP.

Some of the industries that can benefit from A.R.T. ™

Our Advanced Reality Tool ™ helps any industry to stand out, present with real impact, and sell more efficiently.

Digital twins

Present your city of the future to stakeholders.


Bring to life a future infrastructure project.


Develop easy to use wayfinders for tourists.


Illustrate technical network options for buyers.


Enroll customers with dynamic presentations.


First person tour of an airplane.

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Customers' stories that should inspire you

Check out how SmartPixel and A.R.T. helped other industries to stand out.


''SmartPixel helped us portray our product offerings in such a great manner across the world''.

Jason Galarneau, Business Development Manage

Station IX

''The quality of the SmartPixel ™ content was superb, it plays very well in an immersive display like Station IX.''

Christian Bassila, C.E.O.


'We wanted this space to serve as a storefront for Desjardins, an innovative space with technology.''

Monelle Lefebvre, Coordonator

Pur Immobilia
Fortune International
Voyer & Tremblay
Trantor Realty
SIX Communication
Save on foods
Rachel Julien
EMD Batimo
Swire Properties
Damac Properties
Pearlstone Partners
Dev Mcgill
Val Europe
Concert Properties
Concord Pacific

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