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SmartPixel ™ has a creative team of experts that specialize in the design of amazing interactive showroom experiences.

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Featured showrooms

Explore some of the most impressive showrooms we have created across the world.

North Harbour Showroom

A real estate masterplan, this showroom features touchscreens, tables and a gorgeous videowall.

ABB Customer Innovation Center

This showroom features an entire portfolio of touch display solutions combined with creative ideas to create a playful and intuitive experience.

Creative solutions

Our creative team of software and hardware experts and our background in multimedia allow us to create a unique user experience for your showroom.

Quality hardware

SmartPixel is a supplier of the highest quality interactive displays available on the market. Easy to use, operate and maintain.

Peace of mind

One team for installation, training and support. From software to hardware, our team handles everything related to your showroom.

Let the show begin

Understand the process of how we work with you.

Plan the showroom

Our team will find the best solutions to create your ideal showroom for the space, budget and experience you want to create.

Consult with experts

Tell us about your project, we will provide you with expert advice on user experience, screens and requirements.

Propose a plan

Based on our consultation with you, we will propose a plan with several creative options for your showroom.

Design and details

We will review the technical and design details with your team to ensure we are prepared for installation.

Install the showroom

Have peace of mind that SmartPixel will handle the installation of your hardware and setup of your software in the showroom.

Certified technicians

Our team is fully certified and experienced in hardware installation of visual solutions, server setup and more.

Optimize the experience

While on site we will optimize the hardware and the software to ensure an optimal user experience.


Have your team presenting like pros. We will train your team on how to use the hardware and present your A.R.T. project.

Experience the showroom

Invite your clients, buyers and investors to your showroom and share your project with them. We will continue to provide support and optimize the showroom experience.


SmartPixel will bring you peace of mind. Our team can continue to provide support for both your hardware and software needs for the length of your project.

Upgrades & optimization

Our team can provide software upgrades and monitor the performance of your showroom.

On site maintenance

We can provide on site support for any technical issues. We also provide yearly maintenance visits to ensure your showroom continues to be impressive.

Customers' stories that should inspire you

Check out how SmartPixel and A.R.T. helped other industries to stand out.


''SmartPixel helped us portray our product offerings in such a great manner across the world''.

Jason Galarneau, Business Development Manage

Station IX

''The quality of the SmartPixel ™ content was superb, it plays very well in an immersive display like Station IX.''

Christian Bassila, C.E.O.


'We wanted this space to serve as a storefront for Desjardins, an innovative space with technology.''

Monelle Lefebvre, Coordonator

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